Lani Hall Biography and Career

Lani Hall Biography and Career

Lani Hall Alpert Information and Singing Career

Lani Hall Alpert's Biography is for those who are interested to know who she really is and how she accomplish so much in her life.

Lani Hall Alpert Biography

Lani Hall Information
Full Name

Date of Birth


Lani Hall Alpert

November 6, 1945

Age 76 Years
State where she born Chicago
Country she belongs

Relationship Status

United States


Profession American Pop Singer




There is no doubt that Lani Hall is an amazing singer and writer, she started her career singing in 1966 and since then she has done several big events.

Lani is two times Grammy award winner and has made us all proud.

Lani once in an interview revealed that she was always interested in singing and writing and even in her teenage she used to write songs to express herself. She said song-writing was the best way for her to express herself.

When Lani Hall was 19 years old, she was singing at Chicago's nightclub and somehow she got discovered by Sergio Mendes, he really got impressed by her singing and later he offered her the main singer for his new group called Brasil ’66.

There Lani Hall did a wonderful job, she did some great shows and a few months after that the Brasil 66 group got signed to A&M records, and if you remember the co-founder of A&M records is Herb Alpert.

Lani Hall was performing really really well at that time she traveled to lots of places and did many singing shows where she performed so well that people just literally fell in love with her voice.

As we all Lani Hall is also a great poet, and her passion for writing started when she was quite young, she was very passionate about writing and along with singing she also improved her writing, she often writes about her life, most things that are happening around her.

Whenever she used to travel to different places or countries she always carries a pen and notebook with her where she writes about almost everything. She also wrote English lyrics for some brazil songs.

She is well known for writing lyrics in different languages, we have seen her different albums where she has written songs in 3 different languages, (English, Brazil, and the Philippines).

Later she married Herb Alpert who was also the co-founder of A&M records. Her career in solo songs was really good at that time and later she become a mother also. She also used to write and sing songs in story mode where she always sing about her imagination.

Lani Hall once said, “Whether I write or sing, it’s to ‘clear myself.’ She said that she feels pressure inside her and the only way to get rid of that pressure she uses a pen and sings to burst out her aggression and pressure.